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Active noise cancellation

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless gaming headset is an excellent headset that delivers a high-quality sound with ample comfort. In addition, it offers Active Noise Cancellation, which can block out background noise to improve the clarity of your gaming experience. This technology can be especially helpful when you’re playing in a noisy environment. It also helps reduce background noise that enters the brain, so you can focus on the game.

The Elite 800 has a soft-touch finish and a leather ear cup and a cushioned headband. The ear cups rotate, providing an ergonomic fit, and the headband rotates for comfortable wear. The ear cups completely surround the ears, reducing outside noise while you’re gaming. The headset’s active noise cancellation helps isolate you from the outside world and can be toggled on or off as needed.

This wireless gaming headset is compatible with PS4 and Xbox One. It includes DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound. It also features snap-on speaker plates and microphone monitoring. With the Elite 800, you can enjoy the same high-quality sound on both consoles.

Software And Connectivity

This is an Xbox One headset, but PC gamers can still use the
Elite 800X with some adjustments. There are three ways to do it. You can connect
the Elite 800X by using the optical output; however, this method will leave the
mic useless. Another way is to connect the transmitter’s wireless USB to the
PC, then pair it wirelessly using Bluetooth. Also, you can just pair the
headset with your PC if it’s already Bluetooth ready, this method will make the
microphone usable.

Connectivity-wise, the wireless range from the transmitter
is great. I noticed no lags or disruptions during use.

You can load preset audio settings for individual games
using Turtle Beach’s Ear
Force Audio Hub software. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac,
Android, and iOS.

Top customer reviews of Turtle Beach Elite 800 Premium Wireless PS4 Gaming Headset

  • Welcome to the future of Gaming Audio with Turtle Beach Elite. Powerful sound, abundant comfort and dynamic function combine to exceed your wildest expectations with the Turtle Beach Elite 800. Completely wireless in PS4 and PS3, noise cancelling, surround sound gaming audio with DTS X 7.1 Channel surround sound and a long lasting rechargeable battery that gives you 10 hours of gameplay while Bluetooth keeps you connected to your mobile devices. DTS headphone x 7.1 delivers an amazing, 3d 360-degree sound stage with unmatched accuracy plus custom DTS surround sound modes combine with enhanced genre-specific presets to further immerse you in your favourite games, movies and music. Silence is Golden – eliminate unwanted distractions with active noise cancellation and comfortable memory foam ear cushions. Bluetooth Compatibility – use the Bluetooth connection to stream music and take calls from your mobile devices on the go while gaming. Total Control – separate game and chat volume controls, Mic Monitor and Dynamic Chat Boost; combine to provide the best chat experience. Compatible with PS4. Rechargeable (included).
  • Product codes: 731855033904 2925822

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Turtle Beach Elite 800 Premium Wireless PS4 Gaming Headset is currently on sale at argos.co.uk for just £179.99. To give you an idea of how that fares against other similar products, we’ve run a little comparison. For example you can expect to pay £79.97 on average for a product in the Headsets category. The most expensive product in this category is £499.99, whereas the cheapest product available in the same category is £14.99.

The other element that’s worth comparing is the prices charged for products from Turtle Beach. There are a total of 32 products available at argos.co.uk, but specifically in the Headsets category there are 32 products from Turtle Beach. The average price of a product from Turtle Beach is £81.71, with the cheapest coming in at £14.99 and most expensive currently available at £229.99.

Having had a quick look into some of the key stats for the price of Turtle Beach Elite 800 Premium Wireless PS4 Gaming Headset, it’s easy to understand how it achieved it’s great price score of 8.3 out of 10. This is particularly clear because its such a great price for a product from a high end brand like Turtle Beach.

What is the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Headset?

You are introducing the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset. This headset is designed for serious gamers who demand the best sound quality and immersive gaming experiences. Featuring advanced DSP capabilities, Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound, and an extended range of up to 30 feet, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset will take your gaming to new heights.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset comes with a detachable boom mic and A2DP audio streaming for simultaneous voice and gameplay with other compatible mobile devices. You can also connect wirelessly to your PC or Mac using the included 3.5mm cable for superior sound quality, even while on the go.

With its sleek, professional design and immersive audio experience, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset is perfect for gamers of all levels who demand the best audio performance. So don’t wait any longer- order your Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset today!

It lacks preset options

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Headset is a great headset for gamers. It has a number of preset options, including Superhuman Hearing, which amplifies distant gunfire and enemy movement. While it lacks a strobe light, the Elite 800 does have a number of other useful options.

The Elite 800 also has a unique sound quality called DTS X 7.1, which allows you to hear sound from above and to the sides. This means that you get a more realistic 3D sound field. This is important when you’re playing games.

Another great feature of the Elite 800 is the charging dock. This makes it easy to keep your headset powered and ready to go when you’re not playing. However, some users have reported that the headset doesn’t work with the Xbox One. A better option would be an Xbox One-compatible headset.

Final Thoughts

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wirelessgaming headset are comfortable and have a lot of features. Unfortunately, they don’t have a great sound quality and they don’t block a lot of outside noise, even with its active noise cancellation feature. They would be better suited for casual gamers who want something stylish and comfortable for their gaming sessions, but not necessarily for audiophiles. The microphone and recording quality are decent, but not great. On the plus side, they have a long battery life and good wireless range, which makes them ideal for gaming. If you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish gaming headset with average sound quality, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 is worth considering.

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Would these work with xbox 360 if I have the adapter for the chat?

Without a doubt, the headset is compatible with an X360. I tried it on my X360 Elite and verified that it works! Connecting the base/transmitter requires using optical cable for output to Dobly 5.1; additionally, you can use an auxiliary (3.5mm) cable from your controller for chat purposes – be sure to adjust your console settings accordingly so that ‘headset’ is selected in preferences.

Does the headset allow you to control game audio and chat audio volume separately? Can chat only be heard in the left ear cup? Or through both cups?

Absolutely! It provides each of them with an independent volume control, allowing the sound to be heard in both ear cups. You can modify the level of sound as desired.

How can I set up a PC to use this headset without the 3.5 mm jack?

If you have an optical out port on your computer, it should be compatible with the Turtle Beach Elite 800. Connect one USB 3.0 port to the base for charging and another to its “Program Only” ports. Ensure that when connecting audio cables, the optical out from your PC is plugged into the optical in at the base of Elite 800 (as there is also an optical-out here). Then go to Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound and select Manage Audio Devices; change default playback device as ‘Turtle Beach’. Note: On Windows 8.1 this will appear as ‘Digital Output’.

Audio Quality

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Headset – Gaming Headset for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One by Turtle Beach. The headset has a range of 30 ft. and it is compatible with both PC and console gaming systems. The sound quality is impressive with a total frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz and deep bass that can be adjusted to suit your preference. It has Dolby Atmos surround sound which gives you an immersive experience as if you are there in the game yourself. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Super Amp – Digital Amplifier for Xbox One by Turtle Bay. This amp will give you quality sounds that you’ll love playing through your headset at any volume level without distortion or static interference. More Apple AirPods Pro

Only buy from trusted well known retailers

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Turtle Beach is a popular name in gaming headsets, and the Elite Wireless headset is no exception. The $130 headset comes with a detachable microphone that can be used with other devices (like your phone) or attached to the headset for gaming. There are also two ear cups with noise-canceling technology and an onboard amplifier for better sound quality. And when it comes to comfort, there’s no denying that Turtle Beach knows what it’s doing. The supra-aural design ensures you won’t feel too cramped while wearing the Elite Wireless – perfect if you’re looking for an all-day gaming experience. 

 If you’re after a high-quality gaming headset that offers professional-grade sound and a comfortable fit, look no further than the Turtle Beach Elite Wireless.

Active Noise Cancellation

If you’re looking for a gaming headset that delivers powerful sound and abundant comfort, then the Turtle Beach Elite 800 is a great choice. This headset offers active noise cancellation for your gaming sessions. It’s also equipped with a dynamic function for a smooth gaming experience.

This wireless gaming headset is perfect for gamers who want comfort and quality audio. It features active noise cancellation, which blocks out background noise, and gives you crystal-clear audio. This feature is especially beneficial for gamers who play in noisy environments. The reduction of background noise allows you to focus more on the game.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 comes with a charging dock, adjustable ear cups, and great battery life. Although it isn’t portable, it has a range of up to twenty feet and can work through walls. However, there are still some drawbacks to this headset. It is also large and doesn’t fold into a small package, making it difficult to travel with.

Soft-touch controls

The Elite 800 sports a number of features that gamers would find beneficial. For starters, the Elite 800 has soft-touch controls for easy operation and registration. The unit is also equipped with active noise-cancellation, which helps in reducing ambient noise. Its microphone has four levels of noise filtering. This feature makes it possible for gamers to hear their surroundings without a boom microphone. However, some users may prefer the boom microphone for a clearer sound. In terms of performance, the Turtle Beach Elite800 does a good job while gaming.

The Elite 800 also features numerous modes to optimize sound quality for different genres. The headset has customizable firmware that allows you to choose the presets that best suit your gaming experience. Moreover, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 comes with signature sound mode and stadium mode for an enhanced sound experience in games.

Compatibility and Connectivity

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Xbox One, and PC. The Elite 800X works wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and can even be connected to any device with a 3.5mm jack, even when the headset is out of battery power. It is also incredibly convenient to connect your iPhone and Xbox One at the same time, as it is designed to connect to both devices simultaneously.

It also has a USB transmitter, which helps provide an incredibly strong and reliable wireless connection to your gaming console or PC. Setting up the transmitter is simple and straightforward, as no complicated software or drivers are needed. With this powerful wireless connection, you can enjoy uninterrupted audio streaming and gaming for hours on end.


Overall, if you’re looking for a high-end wireless gaming headset with the exceptional build quality and advanced features designed specifically for gamers who want nothing but top-notch sound quality without any distraction whatsoever during intense gameplay moments then look no further than Turtle Beach’s Elite 800 wireless headphones!

With active noise cancellation technology blocking out external noises paired alongside superhuman hearing capabilities providing amplified feedback on even subtle movements within games while chatting online among friends/teammates ensures an unparalleled level of immersion within video games – making them truly come alive!

Comfortable fit

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless headphone is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and it comes with an adjustable ear cup. The headset is compatible with Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation and offers excellent battery life. It is also adjustable to fit most head sizes. This headset also features memory foam ear cups and a cooling gel layer. The foldable drivers allow for easy storage when not in use.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless headset has a stylish and simple design that appeals to the eye. It also has a charging dock and can connect to your home audio system. It features a 7.1 surround sound system and is very comfortable to wear. The battery life is impressive, too, mainly when used with the Ear Force Audio Hub app.

Regular charging required

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless headset is an excellent Bluetooth and wireless headphone with perfect battery life. However, it must be noted that the battery life of these headphones depends on whether you’re using the Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation features. In my experience, I never had a problem with battery life, although the range of this headset is not as good as the Turtle Beach 500P. Nevertheless, the headphones are comfortable to wear for hours. Using the primo charging cable, the battery life is excellent. Read More

This wireless gaming headset can last up to 10 hours of continuous use before charging is required. It features a micro USB charging port and magnetic ear cups to keep the headset firmly docked while playing. Additionally, the headset automatically recharges its battery when it’s not in use.

What’s In The Box

But first things first. We need to take inventory of what is actually contained inside the white box emblazoned with the company logo. Aside from the headset itself, there are also two smaller boxes inside. The first contains the necessary wires to connect to your Xbox One: an optical cable, two micro-USB wires (one is a transmitting cable; the other, a programming cable) and a 3.5 mm cord. Some of those wires connect to the content of the second box: a transmitter that pairs to the headset to deliver sound from the console. It also acts as a dock and charger for the headset so you don’t need to leave it lying on some random spot on your desk.

Other contents from the box include a quick-start guide, a small pamphlet welcoming you to the company’s Elite lineup, a reference sheet for the various audio presets, warranty information and a Turtle Beach sticker.

As for the headset itself, its exterior is made from hardened plastic with a matte finish. The top of the headband is made from hardened rubber and features the Turtle Beach name. On the other hand, its underside, the part that actually makes contact with your head, is made out of soft leather. The headband is flanked on both sides by two small metallic ends with the Elite branding etched onto the metal. The 3.5 mm jack is located below the left earcup, and a small light is located on the outer edge of both earcups to indicate if the headset is on, paired with the transmitter or another Bluetooth device, if noise cancellation is on or off, or if the mic is muted or not.

The controls are on the outer plates located on both earcups. The left plate features the power button, Bluetooth pairing and volume controls, while the right plate has the mic mute toggle, audio presets and chat volume. The earcups are made from the same soft leather at the underside of the headband, providing the same feeling of comfort for your ears. Small strips of green line the outer edge of the earcups as well as the side of the headphones to accent its primary use for the Xbox One. You can also twist both earcups so they lie flat on your chest when you put it around your neck.

Special Features

The Turtle Beach Elite Wireless gaming headset is designed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac users. It has a detachable boom mic and a noise-canceling ear cup design. This gaming headset also comes with an inline controller that you can use to adjust the audio settings on the fly. The Turtle Beach Elite Wireless offers clear stereo sound with up to 12 hours of battery life, so you can game uninterrupted. 

 This gaming headset also has special features that make it stand out from the competition. For example, it has a retractable cord system that ensures your microphone doesn’t get tangled up while you’re playing. The adjustable headband and leatherette ear cups make it comfortable to wear for extended periods. The Turtle Beach Elite Wireless is perfect for gamers who want top-of-the-line audio performance and long-lasting durability.

Getting Ready

Even though the headset itself is completely wireless, the initial setup to the Xbox One does require wired connections. All you need to do is connect the optical cable and the transmitter cable to the rear of the transmitter and then insert the opposite ends to those cables in the rear I/O of the Xbox One. After a couple of setting configurations in the console, you’re good to go. The programming cable doesn’t come into play that much except when you need to connect to your PC so that you can download the latest firmware updates for the headset via the Ear Force Audio Hub software.

The headset also comes with Bluetooth capabilities so you can set it up to work with your mobile device or tablet. If you prefer the wired connection, you can use the 3.5 mm cable. I was also able to set this up for PC gaming, and even though it was initially created for Xbox One users, it also worked with my PlayStation 4.

The takeaway here is that you can use it for almost any entertainment system you own, whether it’s a console, computer or smartphone. If it has Bluetooth, optical or a 3.5 mm jack, the Elite 800X can work with it.

Main Alternatives

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless headset faces stiff competition from comparable products such as the Astro A50 Wireless, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, and the Razer Nari Ultimate.The Astro A50 Wireless is a premium headset often considered a direct competitor to the Elite 800 Wireless. It offers Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound and is known for its exceptional audio performance with robust hard-hitting soundscapes that favour in-depth audio immersion. It also includes a base station that acts both as a charger and a wireless base for transmitting audio. Design-wise, the Astro A50 is very comfortable with adjustable and well-padded ear cups but slightly bulkier compared to the sleek Elite 800. One noticeable difference is that Astro A50 lacks the noise cancellation feature that is present in the Elite 800, which may adversely impact gamers who require this attribute.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, on the other hand, is lauded for its superior sound quality and dual battery charging system, ensuring nearly uninterrupted usage. Standing out with its luxurious materials and design, the Arctis Pro Wireless comes with an intuitive OLED display for adjusting settings on-the-fly. Its audio is crisp, clear, and well-balanced, equally performing well across all gaming, music, and movie scenarios. Its multi-platform compatibility is a strength, but Turtle Beach’s Elite 800 has an edge with its Superhuman Hearing setting, designed to boost quiet sounds, providing a slight advantage for discerning gamers.

Razer Nari Ultimate is well-regarded for its HyperSense haptic technology that offers a unique immersive experience by converting sound signals into dynamic touch-sensory feedback in real-time. It has an auto-adjusting headband and swiveling ear cups for comfort during long gaming sessions. The Nari Ultimate has THX Spatial Audio, over-ear cooling cushions, and it’s wireless. It also has a game/chat balance that the Elite 800 lacks. However, the battery life is significantly lesser than the Elite 800 leading to more frequent charging intervals.All three competitors offer unique features that might appeal to different users based on their specific needs, but the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless holds its own with elements like the Superhuman Hearing setting and excellent noise cancellation.

Comfort and Design

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless is a model that is designed to provide the user with comfortable and high-quality sound. The headset features memory foam cushions that create a seal around your ears, which helps to eliminate outside noise and deliver more accurate audio. The headset can also be adjusted for comfort by sliding the ear cups up or down, as well as tilting them in or out. There are over-ear headphones, which help to eliminate any background noise for a truly immersive experience. 

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless does have its downsides; it’s not compatible with phones that have physical buttons such as Android devices and iPhones before 2013. There are some complaints about connectivity issues and an inability to hear sounds from other people’s microphones when playing online games. More SteelSeries Arctis 5 2019 Edition

Bluetooth connectivity

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless headset offers a good combination of music and gaming features. It has dual Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, allowing you to use two devices at the same time. It also supports swappable speaker plates. The battery life of this headset is excellent. However, the software is not as user-friendly as some of its competitors’.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless headset also has two auxiliary inputs for use with other devices. You can use the headset with your PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. The Elite 800 comes with a receiver/transmitter base, which is required for Bluetooth connectivity. The headset also features a superhuman hearing mode that automatically boosts chat volume during loud gameplay spikes.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless is a top-of-the-line wireless headset that works with Bluetooth 4.0 devices. Dual-pairing is possible, and it also comes with a charging dock that can connect to your home audio system.


One of the standout features of the Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless headset is its active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. This feature blocks out external noise so you can fully immerse yourself in your game or music without any distractions.

Another impressive feature is Superhuman Hearing, which amplifies quiet sounds like footsteps or rustling leaves so you can hear them clearly even in intense gameplay situations. This gives gamers a significant advantage by allowing them to hear enemies approaching before they’re visible on-screen.

The Elite 800 also has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect wirelessly to your phone or other devices while still using your headset for game audio. It also has DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound technology that delivers immersive 7.1 channel surround sound for an enhanced audio experience.

Additionally, there are four programmable buttons on the back of each ear cup that allow you to customize different audio settings such as EQ presets or mic monitoring levels.

Here’s a table summarizing some of the key features:

Feature Description
Active Noise Cancellation Blocks out external noise
Superhuman Hearing Amplifies quiet sounds for better situational awareness
Bluetooth Connectivity Connect wirelessly to other devices
DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound Immersive 7.1 channel surround sound
Programmable Buttons Customize audio settings
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